Welcome to the NIHR Resource Centre, a single location for a range of resources dedicated to supporting clinical research in the NHS. Whether you're a member of the public, part of the NIHR Clinical Research Network, wider NHS, or life-sciences industry, we think you'll find links and applications of value to you.

Some resources can be accessed by anyone, while others have restrictions, which will be marked with a padlock symbol. If you cannot access a resource, we'll let you know who it's for and provide information about how to apply for an account.

Taking Part in Research

Taking part in research

These resources and useful links are designed for anyone interested in taking part in clinical research, or promoting research opportunities. They help you explore what research studies are active and where they are taking place.

CRN Data

CRN Data

These resources help the clinical research community manage studies and analyse data. To access this information, you need to work in the NIHR Clinical Research Network, or one of its partner organisations. Click through to apply for an account.

Study Support Hub

Supporting research delivery

Redirects to the new Study Support Hub

If there is anything in the old resource centre supporting research delivey section that you cannot access from the new Study Support Hub please let us know via email.